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"When I needed to expand my territory quickly and aggresively to prevent a competitor from moving in on my customer base, I turned to Select Business Credit to give me the funds I needed to open up a new office and defend my business interests.”
Tony G., CEO, Nationwide Tax Group

Equipment Leasing Vs. Buying

There are distinct advantages to leasing equipment as well as buying. Each business is different, with unique needs and requrements. A ‘one size fits all’ solution is not acceptable in today’s complicated marketplace. Read on to find our the difference between equipment leasing and buying and save your business some money!

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Select Business Credit is dedicated to giving you the best equipment lease possible. In fact, we even guarantee it! Go ahead, calculate how low your rates will be!

Welcome to Select Business Credit - the premiere source for small business capital and equipment leasing. We're dedicated to providing you with the capital you need to succeed! Whether to lease equipment, finance additional equipment, consolidate existing debt, or help with your cashflow, we'll provide the ideal solution for your unique needs! Our no money down, risk free process is quick and easy. And with outstanding customer support just a phone call away, satisfaction is guaranteed!
Business Credit for Leasing Equipment
Developing strong business credit is an imperative part of your company’s financial growth. Learn how to build healthy credit.
Equipment Finance Loans
What’s the best way to finance your business equipment? Learn about the different advantages of each of your options.
Business Equipment Loan
You have options when it comes to obtaining the business loan you require, but find out why you should choose us!

Why Lease With Select Business Credit?

Equipment Leasing and Equipment Financing Program

Easy Application Process: Our equipment leasing process is as simple as a one-page application. Qualify you for up to $150,000 without providing financial statements or tax returns.

Quick Turnaround: Your financial request will be expedited immediately and an approval can be granted the same day as your submission, so that your new equipment can be installed and operating without unnecessary delay.

Flexible Payment Options: We will custom tailor a leasing plan to fit your individual needs, and we offer a wide array of leasing payment plans: deferred, seasonal, quarterly, cash back, and more!

100% Financing: Finance all of your equipment cost plus soft costs of acquisition such as shipping, installation and training – all for one low monthly payment.

Professional Staff: Our team of leasing and financing experts offers the highest level of specialized knowledge in your specific industry.

Working Capital
Working Capital for Equipment Leasing

Maintaining sufficient and readily available working capital is essential for any business enterprise. Executives never know when a healthy reserve may be called upon to overcome an unforeseen operational challenge.

Vendor Program
Vendor Finance Equipment Lease Program

Providing “the finance option” to your customers will not only increase your profit margins, but improve your receivables aging and increase sales across the board. Our leasing experts will find a solution regardless of your customer’s credit.