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"Thanks to Select Business Credit, I was able to take my business from a single office operation with just 2 employees to a national organization with locations in over 20 states. Select Business Credit gave me the help I needed to achieve the success I've always dreamed of. They can help you, too!”
Tony G., CEO, Nationwide Tax Group

Bad Credit Equipment Leasing

Equipment Leasing with Bad Credit

We all make mistakes, but your bad credit shouldn’t impede your business progress. If you’re in the midst of a momentary brush with poor credit, Select Business Credit can help.

At Select Business Credit, we look for ways to make your equipment leasing experience easy, efficient and cost effective. Our expertly trained account executives can recommend the right lease, or finance product to best suit your current needs, while keeping your long-term goals in mind. These professionals are familiar with industry trends, tax treatments and the latest shifts in accounting rules that may impact your overall financing decisions. Our programs are designed to help our clients preserve their precious cash resources for investment and growth. At Select Business Credit, we believe that tying up funds by paying cash for equipment is the most expensive way to acquire that equipment.

If your bad credit is making you cash poor, you are slowing down the growth potential of your business. Contact one of our account executives today and learn more about our special equipment leasing options. Regardless of your credit score, Select Business Credit is here to help.